Bike Helmets, Safety and Looking Good

Like in any other sport, safety ranks highly in the eyes of cyclists and cycling coaches alike.  Not to mention the loved ones of those that spend time on a bicycle.  I know from experience, that sometimes as an athlete you consider trading safety for comfort or convenience.  It is NOT an option.  These days’ things are faster, and harder.  There are more and more people, doing more and more things, paying less and less attention.

Besides your own actions on the road or trail, the helmet is the most important thing you can focus on regarding bicycling safety.  According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, in 2009, 91%of all cyclists killed were not wearing a helmet.  With significant figures like that it is no wonder that 22 states and at least 201 local jurisdictions have instituted laws requiring mandatory helmet use for young riders.  It’s a fact that the use of bicycle helmets has reduced the rate of head injury by 85%.  I have four beautiful children, and the rule is that they don’t even sit on their bike without having their helmet on.  It’s just that important.

Some Pros and amateur cyclists had been using the “leather hairnet” since the 70’s.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the international governing body for the sport of cycling, attempted to mandate the use of helmets in the sport back in 1991.  The Pros didn’t like it and protested via a rider strike at Continue reading

Blogs, Bikes, and the Tour de France : the story of a cycling nut

I have a passion for bicycles.  Owning them, riding them, fixing them, talking about them, and helping others enjoy their own experience with them.  I spent many a day as a kid riding my bike, a Redline BMX with cool Mag wheels, to my friend’s house or down to the river with my fishing stuff in one hand, or anywhere else I needed to go.  On the weekends I’d strap a number on it and a helmet on me and head to the local dirt track to try and beat my friends or win a trophy.  I’d been known, by my mom especially Continue reading